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White Tea

White teas are appreciated by tea connoisseurs for their unmatched subtlety, complexity, natural sweetness, and delicacy. They are the least processed (steamed and dried) of all tea types.

White tea is made from immature tea leaves that are picked shortly before the buds have fully opened.

White tea contains more polyphenols than any other type of tea, making it a powerful antioxidant to help fight cancer-causing cells. It also boosts your immune system and dental health.

Typical Value per 100g of product

Contents Values
Carbohydrates 4g
Proteins 19g
Total Fat(all types) Traces
Calories from fat 0.00kcal
Total Energy 120kcal
Cholesterol 0
Vitamins Traces
Total Minerals Traces

White tea is lower in caffeine than green teas.

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